Ken's diary - Interview "An anticonformism cocoon" by Born in Fashion

Ken's diary - Interview "An anticonformism cocoon" by Born in Fashion

For the 15 years of Ken Okada, there is a lot of noise in social networks, in the press, word of mouth ....

And so much the better, I'm really happy!

And among all this din, hides such a wonderful interview by Born In Fashion that I wanted to introduce it to you ...

These are interesting questions and I put all my heart to answer them!

I would like to introduce my heart to you too ...

Interview "Un cocon d'anti-conformisme" par Born in Fashion Interview "Un cocon d'anti-conformisme" par Born in Fashion

What was your dearest child's dream?

It's hard to answer that, because in reality I remain a dreamer ... Like all spoiled children, I had the opportunity to see me as a veterinarian, doctor, dancer ... Teenager, it is in the skin of a artist that I planned ... that's where my motivation came to go to fashion school. I have always been very inspired by art. I immerse myself in every detail. Create fun, I feel to paint with my pens, my scissors ... And finally, I became a stylist!

When did you make the decision to become a Fashion Designer? What was the trigger?

To be honest, my choice to be a true Fashion Designer dates back only 5 years ago. Before, I was only a stylist. It was not really by choice, it was natural ... Let's say that fate does things well.

Like Kenzo Takada and Yohji Yamamoto, you attended Tokyo Bunka Fashion College. What is the golden rule that you have been taught there?

Precision and efficiency, without hesitation.

Which fashion designers and fashion designers attract you or have been able to influence you in your creation?

I'm inspired a lot by Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, Yohji ... But I'm rarely influenced. I'm too stubborn for that! (Laughter)

Why the choice to settle in Paris? Was it a professional or personal choice?

Paris ... Well, I've been living in Paris for 17 years; I have never regretted. And, it's pretty personal! (Smile).

What is the main difference in clothing behavior between Japan and France?

Chic Paris, extravagant Japan. Classic Paris, Kawai (fun) Japan.

The shirt has become your specialty, you decline it from every angle. This wardrobe piece, what does it represent for you?

A simple shirt, nothing more. But a simple shirt subtly imagined, a timeless piece ...

What is the signature (the detail that makes the difference) of KEN OKADA House?

A game of subtle details: the stand-up collar, the musketeer sleeves and the apparent clips.

Where does the idea of ​​"cocoon spirit" come from?

It's a good question ... It came gradually, year after year. I dreamed of a space capable of creating astonishment, which is at the same time amusing, refined, modern but also artistic, full of poetry. I was finally inspired, as when creating a garment!

It was full of research, coincidences, discussions, exchanges ... This is how the cocoon was born: the perfect packaging of my creations.

You dress personalities, artists ... but who is your main client?

Ah, my target ... I call her the "Ken OKADA Woman". She is elegant, refined, cultivated, she has taste. She is very active too, assuming her personal life as well as her professional life, with her contradictions. She wants to be different and express her personality.

You are a free electron, and have the spirit of pronounced anti-conformism. You do not hesitate to break the codes, especially in the way of presenting your collections, you never know what to expect?

Ah, you noticed! (laughs) Yes, that's right, I'm pretty stubborn, I do not like doing the same! Creation is a moment of inspiration that comes from the deepest of oneself, even if one collects ideas here and there! The goal is to make them their own, integrate them completely so that they can use them in their own way, and create their own universe. I like to think that nothing is impossible, like scrolling my models in the form of happening in the Paris metro, in the street, in a park ..., this was the case in the Tuileries Garden! Fashion is alive, and creation needs to go to people, to meet them, not to be limited to podiums and magazine pages! As for the tendencies which the environment is constantly trying to impose; if everyone decides that a dress is worn with sneakers, that it becomes a general movement, it means that it is already past and we must look elsewhere, so I will not follow it, well at opposite ! (Laughter)

What is your little plus that helps you to retain your customers?

Listening, exchange, confidentiality ... The makeover to enhance the personality, make it really beautiful and sophisticated, while keeping a certain naturalness! Help the person to assert himself: "I am a journalist" "I am a doctor" "I am an architect" "I am xxxxxx" ...

Where do you make your ready-to-wear series?

Between Portugal and France.

Your house will celebrate its 15th birthday. What stylistic evolution has it followed?

The creative is creative. It's a journey through time and time. There is no border, no limit. This is how I perceive my brand because of its originality, finesse and subtlety. It is multi-faceted to never

Interview "Un cocon d'anti-conformisme" par Born in Fashion 

Photos: Born in Fashion

Posted on 08/20/2015 Ken's journal

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