Ken's Journal - Fashion show Crépuscule « in the street » : behind the scene

Ken's Journal - Fashion show Crépuscule « in the street » : behind the scene

Once again, we got to take an advantage of the event « Le pique-nique » organized by Association of Faubourg Saint-Germain, for the fashion show on carpets.. but without them this time.. 

(The local government banned using the carpets. I’m guessing now they’re dangerous.. ?)

So I just cut the orange fabric (which was almost 3 meters long) into little squares to make them as a confetti carpet.

Anyway I tried !

The fashion show turned out great. Just like poetic words @catherine.dupon has written on her Instagram story :

Under the objectives

Under the laughs

Under all the amazed eyes

Under all the couture works

Under all the applause

Extraordinary fashion show … just like you ! 






After the busy moment of the show, all the photographers were calling me at the same time « Ken ! Ken here ! » 

It was my moment, the moment only given to me as a designer.

2 minutes of applause, it is the driving force that keeps me motivated for another 6 months to prepare the next collection. I bet this is the time when all the designers end one journey and reach their culminations.

One of the guest told me « I’m very satisfied to see this show. I imagined my wife in your clothes »

This really made me glad. It’s true that I dreamed of my self becoming a well-known designer when I was young, which could also be mentioned as an ambition of all the young stylists. Time has passed, and now I’m a mother of 3 children, I feel more in the skin of a hairdresser (which I would have been in another life). Why ?

When you go out the door of hair salon, you feel more beautiful than before you do the hair. I feel the same. I feel useful and proud of being a stylist. I dress my clients as I want to make them look chic and modern, and put value in them just like hair dresser.

« You should do a bigger fashion show, not a little one down the street » I’ve been told a lot.

Little fashion show ?

But no. Each fashion show in the street is full of creation, creativity and emotion. I feel as much joy, confidence, and europhoria as those of the shows in Hotel Lutetia, W Opera Hotel, Place Vendôme, Espace Toyota Champ-Elysées ..

I love this place, Paris 7eme ‘Rive Gauche’, and it’s my 2nd home. I feel good and safe here !

Faubourg Saint-Germain’s « Le pique-nique » is a true tradition for me. It’s French, it’s Parisian. It may not be famous but it’s my blue ocean…

I’m proud to have a fashion show in this « street »

Besides, Isabelle Marant has done its show in the street 2 days ago !





There are always unplanned situation.

- 20h30 The rain began to fall

It ruined all the decoration, soaked the tablecloths and the benches were all wet. My staff was worried and said « Maybe we should cancel the show ? » That was nonsense ! After 20 minutes, the sun shined again and chased away the rain. God was on my side !

- The theme of the fashion show : Twilight in the fog

But this fog created a lot of gap between our desired ambiance and the photographers' logic. Kenji was in charge of the fog but we kept hearing the photographers shouting « Stop the fog !! » It is true that the photos could be much more clear without them. So we decided to put the fog only for the final… A twilight without fogs !

- Last moment. D-2, the DJ I wanted to work with, finally answered yes.

Awesome! He creates nice atmosphere for the fashion show and I can say that of all my shows, it was the most beautiful sound track that could accompany me. A big thanks to Alexandre Maruffy. How lucky was I !

- Every year, there are people absent, late.

But we always manage to find a solution. This year, Lola, a daughter of one of my clients replaced an absent model. It was wonderful and she was great. I touched the wood, still lucky !

- The actor Olivier Marthe, who is 1m80, drew out a fantastic atmosphere with his mask. A giant centaur !! It is God who brought him to me !

 - Being a ballerina was my childhood dream.

It is always a great pleasure to work with ballerinas whether for the Paris Opera dancers, or the ballerinas that went on the show for me at the hotel Lutetia, or for a shooting with the ballerinas at the hotel W Opera..

This time, it was different. The street near the Rue de la Chaise is the neighborhood of the ballerina. I was pleased to meet her. She made my clothes so graceful, poetic, and sensual. Thank you Laurine Ristroph.

- The little girls in the neighborhood are always prepared to participate in the show.

Awesome, unexpected last minute. The little girls carried the sign in front of the line at the backstage with the giant centaur. They were just like guardian angels. Children bring good luck. Always !!!

Photo Credit :  Studio Fradet- Geneviève Fradet



Posted on 06/21/2019 Ken's journal

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