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For the 2021 summer sales, discover how to organize a shopping day in only 5 steps !

Getting ready for a serene sale with KEN OKADA PARIS

"It's almost the sales !"

The 2021 summer sales are announced as early as June 30 in France, something to indulge in after an emotional year !

But how to get organized for a successful and headache-free shopping day ?

Find out with KEN OKADA PARIS !

Sorting through the closet

The first step to a successful sale is knowing what's in your closet ! This will allow you to make room in your closet, but also avoid buying duplicates.

On top of that it's a good deed! 

The things you no longer use are precious ! Many associations will be happy to recover your clothes in good condition and once washed to give them to the most deserving.

We can notably mention the very famous Emmaus and the red cross, but there are plenty of others.

Well, it can become a little extra for budget for your summer sale budget. In fact opt for the second hand market and resell what you no longer wear on resale sites or apps between individuals.

This will allow you to recover extra money to make yourself twice as happy !

A scouting on the internet according to his budget

That's it ? The sorting is done ?

Perfect! Then it's time to go check out the websites of your favorite brands.

It's always easier to know what you want, the pieces you've spotted and above all it allows us to avoid unnecessary detours !

The dress you were dreaming of is not sold out ? In the items on sale nothing pleases you ? Then don't bother to go anywhere !

Take advantage of this opportunity to discover the young designers in your neighborhood.

In the Saint Germain des Prés district in Paris the KEN OKADA PARIS's store is just waiting to be discovered !

The shop is located in the center of Paris. And yes! we have a website to let you discover all our creations in advance.

This will also allow you to refine your summer sale budget according to your needs and your favorites. 

The choice of neighborhood

An empty neighborhood ? that's sad ! The ideal is to have all the stores nearby.

But then where to go?

The best Parisian neighborhoods for shopping are: Les Marais , Rue de Rivoli, Passy and Saint Germains des prés, Ken Okada Paris's neighborhood.

But you can also go shopping in a different neighborhood. But you can also choose to focus on the shopping malls ! In this case direction the BHV, Le bon Marché or Galleries Lafayette.

The choice of day and time is also important.

Saturday and Wednesday are often the days with the most people. On Monday, some stores are careful.

Morning is always best, less crowded and milder weather.

A suitable outfit

For a successful shopping day you have to feel good about your outfit.

And I insist! In sneakers. Or at least in flat shoes. Much more comfortable and practical than heels.

For a successful shopping day you have to feel good in your sneakers.

And I insist on it.

For the 2021 summer sale, it's all about combining style with comfort.

A soft, lightweight pant with an oversized style,

Flat shoes,

A cotton t-shirt and summer-friendly accessories,

And that's it! You have the perfect look for your shopping day, an active look to face the summer sales with dignity.

Choosing your companions well ... or not?

Now you know how much, what, where and how...

Now you need to know with whom?

With your family with your sister, your husband, your mother: that person who knows you by heart and is always ready to give you his or her sound advice?

They are the ones who know you best.

Your friends, always with good advice and your best allies to give you confidence during the sales fittings.

Or on your own? There is no shame in that it is in fact the most effective way to shop, no slowing down no doubts and only your organization that counts.

Japanese fashion designer Ken Okada is waiting for you in the boutique in the 7th arrondissement of Paris as well as on the website for a selection of discounted items!

Psssss...This way

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