May 19, 2021, marked by the deconfinement, today is a remarkable day for the French and specifically for Parisians!


The Parisian Deconfinement

May 19, 2021, Marked by deconfinement, today is a remarkable day for the French and specifically for Parisians! Happy to resume their morning coffee on the terrace, to greet the merchants preparing the reopening of their stores, to find the good old small habits, despite the pandemic of the Covid-19 ..

Crossing the street of martyrs, the path I take every day for work and especially today to prepare the reopening of the store, I could feel a great joy of life. I had the feeling that the beautiful season of spring had really arrived, the birds singing, the kindness of the staff of cafes and bars setting up their terraces again..

What a joy to find this dynamism again, to find life ... perfect for celebrating Mother's Day soon!

ken bouquet de fleurs

The reopening of businesses

The Covid-19 is still with us, but people no longer want to reduce their lives to staying home..

Neither do I! I want to enjoy each and every lost moment.

Taking a break in the sun enjoying a cocktail on the terrace, taking advantage of the reopening of the boutiques to go shopping, going for a walk with the family and having a great Mother's Day! Indeed, this event is coming soon!

Each of us is wondering how to live with the Covid-19 pandemic while still going out, seeing friends and family.. We have to find the right balance! That's kind of my philosophy of life, enjoy life while thinking about the consequences in the face of Covid-19..

Welcome you back!

Every day I love to capture moments, photograph objects, subways, cafes to find inspiration, affirm my artistic sense.. I feel like a journalist! On the way to my work, I like to capture each moment, from the terraces to the street of the chair, with my store! I wish to bring it to life..

terraces reopening paris

In addition, on the occasion of the reopening but also for Mother's Day, I and my team have decorated the dreamy cocoon to welcome the customer as it should be, with warmth and kindness. The whole team wears a white shirt with the image of blooming and bright flowers that we have also hung to decorate the window. We greet all our customers with a positive message of life, especially in this period. I want to convey a sense of joy!

teams decorate the store

decoration boutique

Mother's Day

In less than two weeks Mother's Day is approaching... With Covid-19 shaking up habits and changing mindsets, how will this event go this year? For my part, this day is always a moment of happiness as a mother of three children, where we can share our love, reveal our emotions, share a wonderful moment as a family..

This year being special, but life is starting to catch its breath... what better way to re-energize the daily grind than with the deconfliction, the reopening of the terraces but also Mother's Day!"

*Little secret...I suggest watching the movie "Come Back to Me" ...which I love.

bouquet de fleurs a la boutique

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