KEN'S JOURNAL - Good morning Paris at "Radio Web"!!


Yesterday I had a great time, The "Radio Web" interviewed me and it was a great first for me. The fact of finding myself in a radio studio quickly immersed me in this universe that I did not know.

Radio beginning


Ken OKADA à la radio


Yesterday I lived a great moment, a web radio interviewed me and it was a great first for me.

The fact that I was in a radio studio quickly plunged me into this universe that I didn't know..

Thierry Tessier's show

Headphones on, I'm ready, Thierry Tessier, our presenter starts to introduce me and it's now my turn to speak: hello!

Ken OKADA à la radio


"Good morning England" Inspirations

My presence in this studio reminded me of the film "Good morning England" about pirate radio stations in the 60s, which I love! Besides, I have already created a collection on this theme which is very close to my heart. Like Alice in Wonderland, I entered a wonderful world but this time on the other side of the mirror! It's actually less rebellious than Good morning England on the contrary it's "radio tenderness"!

The course of the show

I have to admit, I was stressed because I had to speak French... It's wonderful if everyone understands what I'm saying! But this stress has mixed with excitement to introduce you to Ken Okada's story and it made me feel better!

Thierry is fascinated by Ken Okada shirts and asked me a lot of questions about the creation of my collections. He appreciated very much the shirt that I wore this day. It is called "GARCON", a white shirt, androgynous, kakoii* !!!!!!! (*class! in Japanese)

Ken OKADA à la radio

Ken Okada's Inspirations

"What inspires you for your creations? » "I have no rules.... » Indeed, all my shirts are defined from the freedom of my inspiration. There are no rules, no precise classical shapes, my shirts are like pirate radios, they break the codes and that's what makes the difference..

Ken Okada's ambitions

Ken Okada shirts are designer shirts, they are contemporary and for their future, I want to see further and make Ken Okada THE creative reference for shirts. I would like to thank Eric and Thierry who allowed me to be on the radio. and to feel a bit like Bill Nighy in this movie that I like so much! And thank you to the team around me for reassuring me throughout the interview. Especially as I was very lucky because that evening a bilingual Japanese student was present. Going on the radio? Done!!!

Ken OKADA à la Radio


Ken OKADA à la radio
Ken OKADA à la radio


Ken OKADA à la radio


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