KEN TIPS : Enhance your dressing room with KEN OKADA PARIS shirts


Discover the various lines of the brand KEN OKADA PARIS that will enhance your wardrobe and your everyday looks. 

KEN OKADA PARIS situates the woman as the muse and source of inspiration for each of its creations. Specializing in shirts, we seek to accompany women throughout their daily lives through our pieces.

KEN OKADA PARIS clothes will glorify your wardrobe with different lines. The designer wants women to find their happiness. Equipping yourself with one or more of the house's creations will fulfill your quest for dressing room happiness.

Premium shirts : the essential line

The shirt is a classic that everyone has. Black, white, blue, wide or short, it's a piece that never stops diversifying.

Our premium shirts are known for being the essential and original line from our designer. No more boredom when you take a look at your shirt closet.

These timeless shirts, with the modern touch Ken Okada Paris, will sublimate your outfits. A piece suitable for special occasions or your daily professional life.

Opposed to conventional cuts and basic collars, our high quality shirts will make you stand out. Their musketeer sleeves or original button plackets bring a shirt like no other.

Drawing its inspiration from Japanese culture with French structuring, the gentle blend of the two cultures will bring you a garment that is both classic and unclassical.


The art of the shirt

A current project of the house of KEN OKADA PARIS, this collection is ideal for any woman looking to have a complete wardrobe with pieces that are both singular and worked.

The mix of fabrics, the addition of details and volume, bring a touch of avant-gardism and pep. A touch that may be missing in your wardrobe of accomplished women. This play between clothing and creation is the signature of our house.

The kimono shirt

KEN OKADA PARIS draws its identity essentially from Japanese culture. Kimonos were born to bring a new dimension to our brand.

The kimono shirt is a modern revisited piece of the traditional Japanese kimono. It is distinguished by its overzise cut that offers essential comfort in everyday life. The choice of fabric, which is modern, remains just as suitable for the cut. This piece can be worn in a casual style, getting out of bed, or for a dressy look by adding accessories for an evening out.

By the way, the model is completely adapted for both, women and men. An interesting particularity coming from the Japanese culture.


Designer shirts 

The designer shirt combines couture and lightness. It comes in many cuts. We find in this line asymmetrical, short, long and many others.

This collection is perfect for your desire for something new in your wardrobe. It brings your missing pieces. You know? The one you think about regularly, but forget to buy every time.


No more hours spent searching for your outfit. With these KEN OKADA PARIS pieces, you can be sure that your dressing room will be enhanced with colors and unique looking clothes.

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