NEWS - A Japanese Valentine's Day with Ken Okada Paris


To spend a Valentine's Day under the sign of Japan, discover the advice and the special selection of Ken Okada Paris! 

A Japanese Valentine's Day with Ken Okada Paris.

The famous holiday for lovers, Valentine's Day, is just around the corner and you are looking for the perfect gift or outfit?

For this occasion, Ken Okada has put together a unique selection of various pieces. You will be able to find what you are looking for and spend a pleasant evening under the sign of Japan. 

Discover this Valentine's Day selection made especially for you. A celebration under the sign of love, full of elegance and softness which are among the key words of the brand within all its creations. 

Take advantage of this exceptional evening to embark on a universe that is different from your usual habits. Choose the best Japanese restaurant that will make you travel to its country of origin without having to take a plane for a Valentine's Day even more under the sign of Japan. All this accompanied by a gift or a chic Parisian outfit with a Japanese spirit signed by Ken Okada.

Do you have a certain sensitivity for fashion, an artistic sense and are you looking for THE piece to shine for this evening? Or are you looking for a unique gift to give your other half that will mark this event? The brand is here to help you in your choice by recommending pieces in this article and by presenting you a panel of pieces in its Valentine's Day selection on its website.

Whatever piece you choose, it will be unique and will have its own identity thanks to the various emblematic characteristics of Japanese know-how. An officer's collar, an asymmetry, visible darts, ... Particularities that make each piece irreplaceable and original.

Adopt the brand's famous Japanese New Look with these pieces and become the Ken Okada woman.

Treat yourself! 

For an exceptional and unforgettable moment, opt for elegant and singular pieces that will accompany you throughout this evening under the sign of love. 

The TOKYO shirt from the "Art of the Shirt" line will give you an artistic style thanks to the flower details on the shoulders. The flowers are a symbol of softness and the pink colour makes it an ideal match for that special evening.

The LISA dress will give you a sensual style thanks to the black satin silk fabric, fluid and luminous used and the visible flounces on the sleeves. 

Find your absolute ally among the selection thanks to the variety of colours, shapes and materials that guarantee you will find your happiness. A great way to spend an unforgettable Valentine's Day in a Japanese style. 

The perfect gift for your partner! 

It is essential for a woman to feel comfortable in her outfit in order to have a day worth living in. A look that brings comfort, thanks to the materials and fabrics used, and confidence, thanks to the unique and avant-garde look it can have. These are essential points to accompany a woman in achieving her dreams and goals throughout her daily life.

And this is what the Japanese brand Ken Okada conveys through its pieces.

Valentine's Day is all about sensual and sweet gifts.

Choose the MOMO shirt, from the "Creator" line, for an atypical style thanks to its corset effect and its fitted cut that will enhance your silhouette. 

For a couture look, the MOMO shirt is also available in the "L'art de la chemise" line. Embellished with floral details on the bust, this exceptional piece is sure to be a hit. 

By offering a piece of this selection to your partner, you are giving her a timeless gift that will follow her throughout her important moments. A business meeting, a contract signing, a romantic dinner, ...

Why is a Ken Okada piece the perfect gift for Valentine's Day?

Some of the brand's values coincide perfectly with this holiday dedicated to love.

First of all, Ken Okada Paris is a Parisian and Japanese brand. Indeed, the designer, having Japanese origins, wished to put them forward on her pieces by using the Japanese know-how. As well as some pieces originating from the country such as the famous Kimono. 

As far as Valentine's Day is concerned, it is possible that this special holiday for lovers has Japanese origins due to a certain advertisement from several years ago. The latter encouraged the Japanese to give chocolates to their partners. Until it became a custom in 1970 in Japan. The only difference about this custom, which is also part of the gifts for this holiday worldwide, is that the chocolates are given by the woman. She gives a box of the delicious confectionery and uses it to declare her feelings to her partner.

Secondly, the custom for Valentine's Day in France is to give flowers, specifically roses. And Ken Okada incorporates this type of flower into some of the pieces in his "L'art de la chemise" line. This rose represents, for the brand, the Japanese origins of the designer. Indeed, during the flowering of the Japanese cherry trees, the country's cities and their landscapes are filled with Sakura flowers, a symbol of sweetness.

That's why a Ken Okada gift for Valentine's Day is ideal. Not only because of its significance, but also because of the uniqueness of the piece. A gift that is rarely received on this holiday.


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