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The Made in France explained. Discover its meaning, its advantages and exclusive brands with Ken Okada Paris.

The Made in France

The Made in France or "French manufacturing" indicates that the production of a product is made within the hexagon itself. A Made in France product is a French product. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

But concretely what does this mean?

The Made in France mention from a legal point of view

According to the government and the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery: "Made in France" or "Fabriqué en France" is a mark of origin that companies can indicate on their goods.

In Europe, it is not mandatory to indicate the origin marking of a product that is not agricultural or food. Saying that a garment is Made In France is therefore not mandatory, it is a choice by the producer.

Of course there is no question of lying. To say that his product is made in France the latter must respect certain standards that are quite strict, it is necessary to respect the rules of origin that are codified by the customs services.

The statement of origin of a product that the manufacturer wishes to affix must comply with the rules of non-preferential origin, in accordance with European regulations. Simply put, non-preferential origin allows a product to be given a "nationality" when its production was spread over several different territories.

So, legally, the product takes the origin of the country where it underwent the last substantial transformation, that is, where it underwent its last stage of production. For example, a garment will be Made in France if its last stage of production takes place in the French territory.

This mention makes it possible to develop the quality of the product, because by underlining its origin, that puts forward the knowledge to make used to make the product. Checks are regularly carried out to avoid any fraud or misleading mention!

Then there are other labels, endorsements, and markings that guarantee product origin in a more precise manner, with stricter conditions and specifications.

The Made in France advantage

"Made in France," "Made in France," "Designed in France." These are terms that sell. And for good reason, this mention is a guarantee of quality in the mind of the consumer.

On the one hand, the French customer is very patriotic, and on the other hand, all over the world, a Made in France product is trustworthy!

Some areas, however, are more renowned than others.

French wines, for example, are known all over the world, Bordeaux wines or Champagne are a symbol of good taste and French luxury.

Moreover today, products made in France are more and more in demand, while French production has slowed down a lot for several years. To what is this due?

First of all, the French government imposes many criteria in terms of production, quality of raw materials or respect for the employees and their working conditions. So it costs much more to produce Made in France items, and it takes more time, since most of them are handmade in workshops.

Made in France is thus imposed in opposition to fast fashion, a trend against which more and more people are trying to fight. To consume Made in France answers a form of localism, which aims as its name indicates to privilege the consumption of local products, with the aim of supporting the development of the economy of proximity, the local employment, the social cohesion, and of course the preservation of the environment since the ecological footprint is reduced (because the transport of the goods and the people is less important!). Indeed, as we said, the "Made in France" marking is a guarantee of superior quality, respect for social and environmental standards that are stricter than European standards or the standards of most of the rest of the world.

So we see that there are plenty of reasons to produce and consume Made in France:

We protect our health and the environment, whether we consume agricultural products, food or other goods thanks to their very framed manufacture. Sanitary and environmental standards are the strictest in the world: for example, in France, air and water discharges are regularly monitored by the Ministry of Ecology, in order to limit the impact of production on the environment and not to cause irreversible damage!

At the same time, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions since we are reducing the distances the product travels, when transportation is the sector that emits the most greenhouse gases. Did you know that most of the products we consume travel up to 3 times around the world before reaching our homes? Whereas here, all the stages of transformation are done in a limited space.

Then, we value working conditions that are respectful of employees while supporting the local economy! No one is exploited, wages are decent and employees have access to a now mandatory health insurance and occupational medicine.

And finally, we have a guarantee of quality and excellence, which is recognized worldwide. The image of France is internationally very positive. It is associated with an excellent quality of products, a know-how and an expertise without equal. This applies to industry and health as well as to the fashion sector. France is THE country of fashion, where the greatest luxury houses were born and whose style we still adore today. Paris is known as the city of fashion, and it is also for this reason that Made in France designer clothes are synonymous with quality, know-how and trend. The Parisian woman in particular is a fashion icon that symbolizes femininity, emancipation and strength of character. French fashion is highly appreciated all over the world, and foreigners travel thousands of miles to come and treat themselves to Made in France (or even Made in Paris!) products, whether in the very famous Parisian luxury boutiques or in designer boutiques.

So what are you waiting for to buy French?

Made in France brands

Brands made in France are numerous in the cosmetics and fashion industries. Some are already very well known, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc.

But France, and more particularly the capital, is also full of small, original and interesting stores, which are just waiting to be discovered. We propose you a selection of some brands to discover urgently. We're sure you won't be able to do without them anymore!

The French slip

This must-have underwear and swimwear brand has become an icon of Made in France.

Created in 2011 on the edge of the Drôme, the brand is now renowned for its traditional and artisanal know-how.

In fact the French manufacture and in the heart of the communication and the identity of the mark with the blue, white, red logo.

Jimmy Fairly

This brand of eyewear or sunglasses was born in Paris.

The creations are designed in Paris and handcrafted in France.

No intermediary between you and your glasses, in order to offer you the fairest price possible.

Courbière or Maison courbière

This young designer from Lyon offers 100% Made in Lyon and 90% upcycled accessories.

This means that in addition to opting for Made in France, the founder has chosen to recover fabrics for a more "Green" fashion without waste.

Ken Okada Paris

Directly arrived from Japan, Japanese designer Ken Okada specializing in high-end shirts offers a selection of Made in France clothing.

It reflects a delicate combination of Parisian elegance and Japanese purity that is aimed at an active, refined, cultured and fashion-conscious woman...

In 2005, the first Ken Okada boutique opened in the heart of Paris, in the Saint Germain district. With its sleek and fairy-tale allure, this secret Parisian location has now become a unique concept-shop, reflecting the uniqueness of the collections offered.

The collections of the house of Ken OKADA are sold in department stores: Takashima NY, Galeries Lafayettes Haussmann, Citadium and prestigious boutiques recognized internationally - Milan, New York, Kuwait, Melbourne, Berlin, Tokyo, etc.

The designer, after having made a name for herself in the high-end fashion and designer clothing sector, carries out collaborations with other big names in the French luxury industry: Hotel Lutétia, Toyota, Repetto, Radio France, the Paris Opera, she creates the uniforms of the saleswomen of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, interviews for the French press (Elle, L'Officiel, L'Express, Madame Figaro...), artistic projects in the film industry or spectacular fashion shows.

His know-how is thus put forward and his creations are very well received by the press and the Parisian, French or even international fashion addicts.

These creations are thought out and created in his workshop in the 7th arrondissement of Paris by a team of stylists and model maker.

What do you recognize his expertise and unique style?

The style of KEN OKADA's collections can be recognized by the structure and fluidity of the cuts and materials. The result of a "classic not classic" work made of asymmetries, numerous details and folds. The Japanese designer likes to wear her shirts in a playful and reversible way, front, back, right side up. This comes from the Japanese inspiration of her collections, and the practicality that we find in the clothes of the country of the rising sun. Another particularity of KEN OKADA shirts is the visible darts. Always visible from the outside, it is the couture signature of the house.

Gesture is important in the designer's thinking and work. Ken Okada uses the techniques of molding and paper patterns to design her models, in the workshop located at the back of the store. Ken Okada makes all of her patterns herself, thinking of them as origami or large paintings.

She feels like she's "painting" them with her pens and those scissors. "If the pattern doesn't look good, the shirt won't look good. Working in a hurry, Ken OKADA has a perfect mastery of techniques, acquired at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo and honed over more than twenty years spent in the French capital.

In an era that values glamour, Ken Okada prefers to design "sleek" clothes, materials that are often transparent, wispy, fluid and sensual, evocative of eroticism.

The pieces are thus unique creations, handmade and in ultra-limited quantities.


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