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The music festival is approaching and announces the arrival of summer. For the occasion discover with Ken Okada Paris which shirt to wear according to your musical tastes.

Which Ken Okada shirt for Music Day 2021?

Based on your musical tastes

On the occasion of the music festival, the Japanese fashion designer based in Paris Ken Okada offers you a funny game: According to your musical tastes discover the Ken Okada shirt that suits you for an assumed style.

And you? What do you prefer? Rather rock ? classical ? Jazzy ? Pop ? or French variety ? Ready to discover it? Let's go !

What shirt for a Rock style?

You listen to Nirvana on a loop, the Rolling Stones have no secret for you and you know AC/DC by heart? Congratulations you have the soul of an Old School rocker.

The rock style is often the same as the music style.

Rock style is often associated with the color black and leather or faux leather material. Biker looks, a close-fitting top, black pants, leather boots, a blazer or perfecto jacket and your style is complete.


The shirt made for you is the SOPHIA black veil.

This flowing black sheer voile shirt is the perfect ally for the feminine rock look. Indeed, this black shirt is ideal to put under a jacket thanks to its light material. Its transparency has just the right amount of provocation without becoming vulgar. It is the ideal shirt for rock parties.

Classical music and a soft shirt

You can't get enough of classical music, music without words where the instrumental takes center stage. You know how to appreciate the talent of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven.

You're not afraid to wear it.

Classical dress style is a two-way street. Sometimes it is associated with the seriousness of business attire: a blazer, suit ,shirt, heels and tied hair.

Other times it is associated with a romantic style, simple white or floral dresses and loose hair to join your lover in the middle of the night.


Your shirt design is CAROLINE, white for a simpler style or floral for a bohemian love flower look for the Parisian music festival.

A shirt for jazz fans

"I dream of going to New Orleans". Have you ever uttered that phrase?

Mile Davis, Louis Armstrong, Duke Elligton are names that speak to you?

If so, you are a fan of Jazz.

African American jazz born in the southern United States and became a major popular music style of the 20 th century.

The style of dress is very different from the style of music of the past.

The jazzy style of dress refers to that of jazz bands in posh living rooms. These white-collar musicians are often depicted in people's minds with a white shirt, suspenders, bow tie, and a gavroche as a cap.


The ideal shirt to adopt a Jazz look at the music festival is therefore without a doubt the White MOTO shirt. Paired with the right accessories it will make your silhouette an undisputed Jazz muse.

A shirt for Pop music

In the 21st century, pop music is increasingly associated with an Asian style especially with the emergence of the much-loved K-pop straight from South Korea. K-pop is the return of boy bands with notably the groups BTS and Exo.


But rest assured the female gender is not left behind with the girls band Blackpink. The pop style of the 21 st century can then be assimilated to an Asian "kawai" style.


A playful, childlike and very colorful style. The perfect shirt for Pop music representatives at the music festival would then be the AGUETTI plaid.

This color-filled Japanese shirt with short sleeves is perfect for attracting attention.

Lovers of the French variety

Aznavour, Brassens, Goldman... They too are real monuments of music in France.

How can we forget the one who sang La Bohème? The one who proclaimed les copains d'abord?

When music is the key to the future, it's important to remember that it's not just about music.

When the music is good, there is every reason to be a fan of French variety.

And what better way to represent the French spirit than with a sailor-type shirt and Made in France to boot?


So for the 2021 music festival opt for the KENVIN blue striped shirt. A Made in France shirt made in the Parisian workshops of the brand Ken Okada, in the 7th arrondissement.


The little plus? This shirt is short sleeve or three quarter sleeve, ideal for summer. 

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