NEWS - "Window Show" by KEN OKADA PARIS in the trend of the Paris Fashion Week


 Landmark fashion shows over the decades  

There are many shows during Fashion Week, which limits the possibility to the houses of differentiating oneself. Each year, they look for the decor, the outfits, a specific meaning, ... The idea that will make one of them THE outstanding show of this season.

Over the years, at Fashion Week, certain brands have become experts. We have been able to discover breathtaking universes that surprised us all.

If I say "Rocket ship", you know immediately who I am talking about.

Spectacular decors, stunning outfits, unexpected appearances, singular approaches, ... are the order of the day every year to stand out from the crowd.

We all have in mind at least one fashion show that has impacted us for one of these reasons...

The CHANEL Autumn-Winter 2014 fashion show immersed in a supermarket made news thanks to the choice of universe that touches everyone.

The BALENCIAGA Autumn-Winter 2022 fashion show and its snowstorm atmosphere which refers to the current events related to Ukraine.

The JACQUEMUS Autumn-Winter 2019/2020 show in a field of lavender and the Spring-Summer 2021 show in a field of wheat which stood out for their decorations faithful to the house's Provencal DNA.


KEN OKADA PARIS and its atypical show

In a bid to stand out from the crowd at the last Paris Fashion Week in February 2022, the house of KEN OKADA PARIS looked for an atypical and unique idea to present its new Spring-Summer 2022 and Autumn-Winter 2022 collections.

We interviewed the DA of the house, Ken OKADA, to find out how his idea of a Window Show came about.

Why did you choose to present your collection in 2 different forms, a fashion show and a more artistic performance?

KEN OKADA PARIS is always trying to surprise the world, to find a new thought and a new presentation every year. For this Fashion Week, we also wanted to show the collection to the guests during the cocktail party and not the show. So we had the idea to do a second presentation, but from a different angle.

Is it difficult to find new ideas today?

It was not an easy task to find something new for this show... The brand is 20 years old now and we have done almost 40 shows in total. After taking some time to think about it, the idea of the "Window Show" became obvious.

How did the idea for the Window Show come about?

We noticed that the most fun and our difference is our concept shop.
When customers come in, the most common comment is that the decoration and architecture are surprising.
For this Fashion Week period, the best thing is to find out who we are, what we have, while using our environment which is the shop window and our concept-shop. That's where the idea of "Window Show" came from, to use our shop window where the models do a subtle and delicate dance dressed in the new collection presented during the show earlier.

Did this performance have the expected results?

The guests and press were delighted, we had only good feedback about the originality of the show. The surprise was present throughout the event. It was an extraordinary moment of sharing.

The house of KEN OKADA PARIS succeeded in being in the trend of the Fashion Week with its rarely seen show. A concept that left a lasting impression on the guests. And she has not finished surprising you … follow her closely, new things may happen !

We'll see you soon!


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