Valentine's day 2021 for Ken Okada


Discover the interview of Ken Okada who wishes Valentine's Day for all

Valentine's day 2021 for Ken Okada

What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

" First of all, I find that Valentine's Day has a very strong image of young couples in the public mind, generally for 18-20 year olds.

This commercial holiday has a very strong connotation for young people. But is Valentine's Day really only for young people? No. It is a moment for all lovers.

I think there is no age for love. I think it's a pity that many older couples forget this holiday. We all need to celebrate love no matter what our age, no matter what the generation."

Femme dos nu avec une surchemise Ken Okada

What is the typical profile of the customer who comes to buy for Valentine's Day at KEN OKADA PARIS?

"In our Parisian boutique, the customers who visit us are between 25 and 70 years old.

It is a very large target. However, our core target is rather women in their fifties, ambitious, active, modern and elegant women with a certain artistic sense and sensitivity for fashion.

Unfortunately, people who come to buy for Valentine's Day are usually in their twenties. That's why I find it regrettable that this holiday is forgotten by other generations...

Celebrating love at this time is something magical to celebrate!"

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

"For Valentine's Day, I take my most beautiful pen, a beautiful glossy paper, my most beautiful thoughts, and I write a love letter to all my customers to tell them that we all need this love.

I convey my affection to them, and share all my most beautiful words to make this day a magical and unique moment for everyone. It is also our celebration, especially in these difficult times. Love is one of the strongest feelings for all of us at this time.

All the more so, the brand has recently turned 20 years old. I would like to take this opportunity to remind customers to celebrate our holiday, our Valentine's Day in this twentieth year.

Often, I always think of Mother's Day, and I forget about this day of love, while Valentine's Day celebrates all forms of love, it's one of the most beautiful holidays I should think about more often."

Femme en chemise de créateur Ken Okada

What does KEN OKADA PARIS propose to its customers on Valentine's Day?  

"For Valentine's Day, KEN OKADA PARIS proposes a category " Gift ideas " available on the e-shop of the brand and in the store.

Obviously, these gift ideas are mainly shirts, because shirts are the sure value of our brand: timeless and durable like love. Elegant shirts, both discreet and original with subtlety, combining Parisian elegance and Japanese design.

Of course, no matter what gift we offer to our loved one, it will please him or her. It's the intention that counts.

As for our clientele, they are active, contemporary, and have good taste. She wants subtle, handmade, Made in France, qualitative and top-of-the-range clothes. To combine pleasure, quality and modernity. This shirt will thus be the ideal gift for our customers and her half will not be disappointed! Indeed, the person who offers this gift is sure of the good value of this intention! ! "


Femme de face posant devant une chemise Kenma de Ken Okada

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