chemise pour femme la marque ken okada paris

The Creations

Specializing in women's shirts, a high-end designer with a Japanese design, the Ken Okada brand articulates its creations around different lines:


The brand's essential line, the premium shirt is ideal for professional occasions.

Architectural, modern, timeless, and timeless, it's perfectly suited to the active life of the business woman.

The Designer Shirt

The designer line with a fresh, trendy and couture spirit, this is the shirt that accompanies the young woman daily with lightness and fluidity. A shirt true to the designer's couture signature, which is declined out of season, that can be worn during the day as well as in the evening.


A signature line of Japanese culture, Ken Okada offers a modernized and revisited kimono, through models with oversized and unisex cuts, suitable for both men and women.

The Total Japanese Look

Highlight the shirt, a signature piece of the house, through a contemporary new look layering French and Japanese style. while combining Eastern and Western style.

For a Japanese and modern silhouette in any circumstance around the Ken OKADA shirt, sublimate your looks with the confidence of the West and Japan, by mixing our jackets & coats, dresses-chairs, skirts & pants, and accessories that complete the collections.


To complete the look, or just add a Japanese couture touch to your style, Ken Okada offers accessories directly inspired by the signature shirt.


Future project of the house of KEN OKADA, the art of the shirt will present sewn designer pieces, with spectacular, singular looks, and will bring a touch of differentiation through your look. These pieces, made by the Japanese fashion designer Ken OKADA, will reflect his Asian culture, between refinement, precision and purity. Available in limited quantities, they sign artistic models with exclusive, unique and worked design.


Ken Okada is reinventing itself and reorienting itself towards a line with a more "designer" and innovative feel. We can imagine the design team in a creative laboratory, searching from thread to thread, always more precision and mastery. The art of the designer shirt is the promise of delicate materials, finishes, and meticulous details that look like jewelry. Through these bespoke creations, we find the brand's iconic Japanese style, sleek and architectural, always adorned with the designer's signature couture.


These are one-of-a-kind pieces, as exceptional as the women who wear them. "The art of the shirt" creator is a Made in France project, designed in the brand's Parisian workshops located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Unique creations produced in ultra limited quantities.


"L'art de la chemise" creator are conceptual and avant-garde models, which go off the beaten path. These creations mix French elegance, with the Japanese know-how of the designer: a result, artistic and atypical like a trompe l'oeil where you get lost in the imaginary, paradisiacal and dreamlike world of Ken Okada.

chemise femme createur ken okada paris


Designer Ken Okada's new concept, "The Art of the Shirt" is part of the perpetual innovation of this very Parisian fashion brand driven by the very feminine Ken.

KEN OKADA PARIS offers to give new life to shirts in its customers' dressing rooms and to shirts from the boutique-atelier's old collections.

The quality of the design cut and the quality of the textiles chosen by the designer Ken Okada deserve special attention. Why consume more when you have everything at hand to consume better and less? Sometimes it's enough to give a makeover to the shirts you love and can't part with to boost your look and refresh your wardrobe! Giving a second life to the clothes we love is to maintain a strong link with our favorites and also to preserve the planet from the waste resulting from fashion and our desire to change. And if we change together, you and I, the designer Ken Okada, your fundamentals?

Our Parisian boutique-workshop offers a tailor-made service to create your shirt together. The customer becomes co-creator of her shirt model. How is this possible?

Either the customer brings her Ken Okada shirt,

or the client chooses her model from the collections of the house KEN OKADA PARIS. The designer exchanges, listens, dialogues with the client to guide her towards her expectations and her look. Together, they modernize, customize and personalize. Among the samples available at the workshop, the client chooses a color theme or an embroidery design, to create a design that is as unique as it is spectacular, with a view to durability. The customer is so delighted to wear her assumed creation, under the impulse of the designer Ken!

Each of these unique creations is traceable, guaranteeing transparency and a strong brand identity. Together, the customer and the designer are co-actors to think fashion differently, with nobility of creativity and new uses to preserve our planet. The materials are based on responsible production processes, limiting the impact of the textile industry's chemistry to a minimum. Together, we extend the life cycle of products and cultivate the art of beauty, unique and timeless.