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Our workshop is located in the heart of Paris, accessible from the back store in the 7th arrondissement. A true place of meeting and reflection for our designers, the Made in Paris creations are designed by hand in the respect of traditional sewing techniques.


Some of our shirts are produced, in controlled quantities, by our partners in Portugal.

This perennial European collaboration makes it possible to monitor quality, and to offer a sufficient number of shirts, in order to always satisfy our customers' expectations. Quality is also based on the choice and selection of fabrics made in Italy. An ancestral know-how recognized in the world of textiles and fashion.


The style of KEN OKADA's collections can be recognized by the structure and fluidity of the cuts and materials.

The result of a "classic not classic" work made of asymmetries, numerous details and folds. The Japanese designer likes to wear her shirts in a playful and reversible way, front, back, right side up. The particularity of KEN OKADA's shirts lies in the visible pliers. Always visible from the outside, it is the couture signature of the house.

The gesture is important in the designer's thinking and work. Ken Okada uses molding and paper patterning techniques to design her models, in the workshop at the back of the boutique. Ken Okada makes all of her patterns herself, thinking of them as origami or large paintings. She feels like she is "painting" them with her pens and those scissors. "If the pattern is not beautiful, the shirt will not be beautiful."

Working in a hurry, Ken OKADA has a perfect mastery of techniques, acquired at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo and honed for over twenty years. In an era that values glamour, Ken Okada prefers to design "sleek" clothes, materials that are often transparent, vaporous, fluid and sensual, evocative of eroticism.